Why Fresh Pasta?

Dried pasta is now a low cost commodity available by the sack in supermarkets. Almost all dried pasta is made using an industrial process that is far removed from the ancient artisan method. The serious downside of efficient machines in factories is that the industrial-speed drying of pasta at high temperatures reduces the nutritional value and can compromise taste. 

Family Pasta and Sauce Lovers Set

Buy 10 pastas of your choice and four Carrettera Sauce’s and your choice of two FREE Gourmet Vegetables! All just for $77.95!

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FraLi’s Pasta Lovers Set

Buy 4 pastas of your choice and get a fifth bag free for $19.95!

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Fresh Fact

Did you know that pasta dried in a slow process of 26-28 hours is more nutritious than store brands?

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One of the best lunches I’ve ever had here in Savannah. Authentic, homemade Italian food. All natural, no preservatives. Absolutely delicious! And the owner is a very lovely woman as well! . . . Can’t wait to go back!

Jami Long

We absolutely love all your products especially the fresh pastas and roasted pepper salsa! I have always love Italian food, but when we tried your products I found a new love for it. We recently moved due to my husband’s military career and our first thought was we won’t be able to get Frali anymore! Then we discovered you ship! . . . Thank you for making such a great product!

Lindsay A. Rivera

Came across FraLi when we had breakfast next door on our recent trip to Savannah. Lisa was so nice and informative about their products. . . My grandmother was from Italy and this reminds me of the pasta she used to make.
The best part of their pasta is you can pronounce all of the ingredients and you can’t beat the taste and texture. . .

Robert Rivera

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