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Our Story

What often times today represents the height of organic and gourmet cuisine was once simply just a time-honored way of life for Old World families. Anything but trendy or posh, just a way of preparing and preserving foods naturally, wholesome and fresh. 

Every season brought fourth its bounty; from it you would take the harvest in season, and preserve it store-0166naturally for future use. FraLi Gourmet uses these recipes and preserving techniques that were handed down from
generation to generation to guarantee quality and flavor. This entailed hard work and long hours with the only compensation being providing healthy wholesome meals for the family.

For many of today’s modern moms this has become a lost art. Every mom wants the best nutrition for their children, but sometimes they have to succumb to fast foods and processed foods just to put a meal on the table.

FraLi Gourmet offers these time honored old world traditions using only the freshest ingredients, with a preserving procedure that is all natural.

Our company virtually becomes your Italian Grandmother, bringing fresh goodness to your table!

FraLi Gourmet Pastas are prepared in an artisan way without preservatives or artificial fillers and are made with all natural ingredients. Our dried Pasta is naturally dried for 48 hours allowing the pasta to lock in flavor.

FraLi Gourmet’s Vegetables are packed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not brine. Good to the last drop!


FraLi Gourmet produces fresh pastas in a large variety such as: Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, grilled Vegetable Ravioli, Lobster Ravioli, Pumpkin, and Mushroom Ravioli.

Our Pasta Products consist of Specialty such as: Spinach Fusilli, Peach Gnocchetti, Roasted Pepper Rigatoni, Tomato & Basil Pappardelle, and Pappardelle Porcini Mushroom. Traditional plain Tagliatelle and Tagliolini.

Our line of Dried Pastas also includes antioxidant rich pastas such as: Beet Gemelli and Chocolate Conchiglie. 

The ingredients are simple and natural.

We also produce vegetables under oil. These vegetables, Eggplant, Mixed Bell Peppers, Baby Bella Mushrooms, and Giardiniera are jarred under oil, not brine. These vegetables make for great antipasti and salad toppers, the oils can be used as a dressing to any salad. Our vegetables are not boiled or roasted; all the nutrients are locked in leaving the consumer with all the flavor and benefits of these veggies.

FraLi Gourmet also produces dried Pasta’s and Sauces. One of our sauces, the Roasted Pepper Salsa, is so versatile that it can be used as a spread on bread, or on a sandwich, it can be used as a sauce for pasta, added to soup stock or as a backing seasoning for Chicken or Fish. Either way the salsa adds flavor to your favorite dish!

About Franco and Lisa Marra

After a decade living in Italy and owning a restaurant, we moved to America. It was our dream to open a gastronomic where wholesome good foods were prepared for busy families.

As a busy working Mom, I struggles with time to prepare wholesome meals for my children without chemicals, artificial 60438_435569415938_993610_npreservatives, additives, and harmful hormones.

I knew back then that busy moms needed foods fast, not fast foods. Kids from all ages appreciate and enjoy good wholesome foods prepared with love, Our dream that we could spread these important concepts of eating well was becoming a reality.

FraLi gourmet was named after us, Franco and Lisa, the co-founders of FraLi Gourmet LLC.

Our logo brings into mind for me what our product is all about; genuine whole foods prepared with love and family traditions.